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...I am  interested in many ways of printing and manipulating images, my practice incorporates etching, silkscreen and lithography, I also use collograph and print on various papers to create truly unique pieces.

Printmakers, print dealers, and print collectors use several terms that are necessary for the comprehension of prints:

Edition, Numbering, Artist's Proofs.

Edition: The number of images printed from the plate, stone, block, or the like is called an edition. The body of the edition is numbered (for example, 1/100 through 100/100) directly on the print. Additional proofs, such as artist's proofs, are also part of the edition.

Numbering: Numbering indicates the size of the edition and the number of each particular print. Therefore, 25/75 means that the print is the 25th impression from an edition of 75.

Artist's Proofs: These impressions are in addition to the numbered edition and are so noted in pencil as artist proof or A/P. The legitimate number of artist's proofs for a given edition is usually around 10% of the total.