One off project specifically created for the PINT OF SCIENCE festival Cambridge, 2016. “Creative reaction” to a theme of intelligent robotics.

It is possibly topical to juxtapose artificial intelligence and humans. Right now it is us against something about which we are not certain and may not quite understand yet. But by equipping robots with the capacity to explore and evolve we are willingly accepting that one day we might be equal players learning from each other. Learning in itself is a never-ending process that shapes humankind and is yet to shape AI. Learning is also a journey of enduring improvement where the process is more important than the destination, where clarification has more value than perfection. And through this eastern philosophical prism I wanted to introduce Japanese aesthetics of wabi-sabi to the genesis of this work. A concept formed by belief that imperfections and mistakes are integral ingredients in both beauty and meaning, wherever it relates to a form or a process.

Titles for the works are randomly taken from the Philip K. Dick novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” .

A set of 9 chine-collee (collaged) prints. Lithography from 9 individual plates. Washi paper (okashi) mounted on Somerset cotton rag. Image size 25 x 25 cms. Paper size 38 x 56 cms

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