The term “Age of Loneliness” was penned by the Harvard professor of biology Edward O. Wilson to describe human self-imposed and accelerating alienation from the wider natural world of the planet; with the Earth potentially entering a new era cheerfully called by some Anthropocene, a time for and all about one species alone.

The state of loneliness also seems an apt expression of the human’s own order of being, in which complexity and fragmentation create the illusion of individual selfhood in rapid perpetual uncertainty and flux. And where relating to each other is commonly complicated by the differing perceptions on life that each one of us holds true.

Enter the space, take a torch and explore an assembly of chance creations and by examining diversity consider the unity that binds us and the ease with which connections can occur in the absence of symbolic distances.

180 unique silkscreen panels developped from 9 individual screens; each panel is 33×33 cms

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