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Out Brief Candle

... In 2016 I was asked to contribute artwork to an exhibition celebrating the life and work of William Shakespeare. At the time I was working on a series of rather elaborate monochrome lithographs and somehow this request coupled with its opportunity for wordplay and theatricality had an immediate effect on my work. The Bard’s themes both energised and informed my ideas and the body of work grew very rapidly into a number of conceptual designs. Deciding to work on an art book was a logical and thrilling possibility of getting the body of work into the world. I have made artist’s books before and my professional life started in publishing – so taking this particular project into the realms of book-making felt like life turning full circle. “Out Brief Candle’s” central narrative encompasses the brevity and unexpected consequences of human life; creating an interplay between the Bard’s famed words and new unfamiliar imagery.  I would like to invite the viewer to become an integral part of the experience, interpreting the work afresh, with the art book its stage. The visual language of the artwork draws inspiration from classic engravings and iconic black and white films of Tarkovsky and Bergman; re-imagining the images and the creative techniques though the prism of modern technology and the world around us.

Work on the book started in 2016 and is expected to continue until 2020. Publication dates tba.

The full set of original lithographs is to comprise of 36 plates, each of an edition 50 each. Image size: 25 x 25 cms, paper size 38 x 50 cms. Printed on Somerset 250gms paper.


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